Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Well, the weekends were always the hardest for me when starting a new diet. I would find myself sitting on the couch eating whatever I could find in the cupboards. It wasn’t that I was hungry – I was bored. Eating was something I could do with my hands. If I wasn’t sitting on my ass on the couch, I was out with friends or family which always consisted of good food or lots of snacks. Rather than just having a few things and being satisfied, I would eat whatever was there and try everything. I would eat until I was full or miserable and than I just felt like crap. So far, this weekend has had a much more positive outcome. Yesterday, I couldn’t fulfill my points allowance for the day. Even after spending the evening with friends playing Sequence and Wii, I found I had 5 points I hadn’t used! I was even able to snack on some Cheez-It’s (1 serving), Sun Chips (1 serving) and Twizzlers (3 pieces) while enjoying the company of my friends and staying within my points allowance. It was a great feeling and a fun night!

I just got back from the fitness center and did a mile on the elliptical (in about a minute and half less than it took me yesterday) and two miles on the stationary bike at a level 5 resistance. I then walked slowly on the treadmill as a cool down. It felt great. I hate to say it but I think I actually like working out?? I never thought I would say that but I actually look forward to being active. I feel so good afterward. As Elle Woods says (in another of my favorite movies – Legally Blonde), “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.” Now in my case, replace husband with mother – LOL!! For those that don’t know me, I live with my mother and we tend to drive each other crazy or she tends to drive me crazy anyway! J Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom but as you can imagine, sometimes we drive each other crazy! So, I have found I have more energy, seem happier and have a more positive outlook on everything after exercising.

In fact, I received an email from my former employer – the one who went out of business last year and did not pay me my last paycheck. His friend has a job opening and he thought of me. Well, normally I would have been bitter and angry about this (and I did have a little bit of that, I won’t lie) but I replied with a cordial response explaining I was in the process of finishing school and wouldn’t be looking for a job until closer to graduation. I felt like I was able to forgive and let go of the bitter feelings and anger that I had toward this family and I think a lot of it has to do with my new outlook on life! I just feel so good about my new path and where I am going.

Today, my friend from school is taking me to dinner for my birthday. I used to say I didn’t care where we went. Now I have decided to speak up and chose a restaurant that I know has healthy options. So, I told her I would like to go to Applebee’s. Applebee’s has some really great dinners under 550 calories and the one that I really like (Parmesan Peppercorn Steak) is only 10 points for the whole meal! I have only used 8 points today and have 51 total to use in a day. So, I still have a lot to use!! The new Weight Watchers system should not leave anyone hungry – that’s for sure!!

Well, I am doing well, feeling great and looking forward to weigh in next week (never thought I’d say that either)!!

Have a Healthy Day!


  1. Congratulations on a GREAT first few days of your new life! I am very proud of you and I am looking forward to joining you on your journey! Always remember that I am here for you. I will be your voice of reason when you are struggling as I know you will be mine. Keep up the good work and CHEERS to a new you!!

  2. Did you watch Legally BLonde this weekend?? LOL.. I'm on my way to exercise right now. No more excuses!! The Christmas totes are put away now so there is nothing in my way!!! Go girl!

    And great that you have forgiven and moved on - something that is very hard to do. I normally have no problems, but in one case where I was used horrible and never said anything, I have not forgiven or forgotten. It's so hard - Praises to you for doing it!