Monday, January 10, 2011

Eating Out and Cleaning Up

So, yesterday I went to Applebees with a friend to celebrate my birthday. We went at 3:30 so it was my lunch and dinner. Leaving the house, I knew I had 43 points left to use for the day. I ordered my Asiago Peppercorn Steak that comes with steamed veggies and baby red potatoes. That meal is only 10 WW points! So knowing I still had 33 points to use, I allowed myself two things. 1. I ate some Potato Twisters (one of my favorite appetizers) and 2. I had a small dessert. I had looked at some points values online before I went to Applebees so I knew approximately what the values were. I did not know the value of dessert but was pretty sure I had enough points left to have it. Applebees now has a dessert called "Brownie Bite" it is a very small brownie (about 3-4 bites) and a small rounded tablespoon of ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled over it. It was the perfect size, tasted delicious and was only $1.00!!

When I got home, I added all of the food I ate to my online tracker and I found I still had 14 points left over!! The meal was 10 points, the appetizer portion I had was 9 and the dessert was 10. I was shocked I still had so many points left. I even had earned 4 activity points for working out that I hadn't used! I don't plan on using my activity points as they are optional and only there if you need them.

After Lunner (lunch and dinner LOL) I went grocery shopping for fresh fruit and veggies. I knew I needed to have healthy things in the house so I could make good choices. I bought a lot of fruit and veggies. I bought some snacks like popcorn and Wheat Thin crisps. I had my WW calculator out to make sure these were good options for snacks. When I got home, I decided I needed to clean out the refrigerator and the cupboards so I could easily find the healthy foods I needed. I have had so much more energy and have been getting more things done because of it!

                                                                   Cupboard Before

                                                                     Cupboard After

                                                                    Fridge Before

                                                                      Fridge After

After cleaning out the cupboard and fridge, I sat down and enjoyed some Sunday night TV. I decided to get to bed at a decent time but before I did, I took my computer to the kitchen and planned my breakfast and lunch for Monday. I typed the information into my WW online tracker and prepared everything so it was ready to just grab out of the fridge and go.

I am so happy with the way things are going for me. It really seems like this is just becoming part of who am. It doesn't feel like a diet and so far it really hasn't been that hard. I know I will have days and moments that will not be easy but I am confident in the path I have chosen and I think that's why it all seems to be falling into place!

I woke up again this morning at 5:30 and went to the fitness center. I did 15 minutes each on the elliptical and the treadmill while watching Married With Children and Saved By the Bell. As soon as I walked in the door, the dog was waiting for me to take her out so I put her leash on and we went for a walk. It was a great start to the morning!!

Have a Healthy Day!

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  1. YEAH!! You gave me some motivation to go through my cupboards as well. We have one snack cupboard that I just don't open - with kids - I can't get rid of all of the "good stuff" and I think my hubby would have with drawl as well!! But I know it's off limits to me. YEAH! Off to exercise.. Might be a quick one - don't know how long I can last, but I'm getting on!