Friday, January 21, 2011

Nerves Before Weigh-In

So it never fails, the night before weigh-in I panic that I gained at least five pounds! I know it is highly unlikely but I can’t help it. I know I had a little bit tougher week but I was still on plan and stayed well within my points. I wonder if that feeling will ever go away? I really have to learn to not allow the scale to be a measurement of my success. It sounds easy but it really isn’t!

I got back to work today fitness wise and went to the gym and walked 30 minutes at a 3.0 on the treadmill. I worked in sprints at 3.5 for a minute at a time. I think I might need better shoes because I am starting to get some pain in my left heel. It’s almost like the shoe is not giving me enough support around the heel/ankle. I do have a pair of Sketcher’s Shape-Ups that I haven’t worn yet. I didn’t want to wear them on the snow so I was saving them for spring/summer. I think I might try wearing them around the house to see if I can get used to them. If I can and feel comfortable in them, I might try to use them on the treadmill.

I am frustrated with restaurants! I am going to Granite City to have dinner for a friend’s birthday tomorrow and they do not list any nutritional information on their menu! A lot of restaurants will list the information on their websites and it makes it much easier to figure out weight watcher points. Instead, I have found what I will order on the menu and use the description to approximate the points. After dinner, we’re going to BINGO!! I love bingo and haven’t played in a very long time.

Thanks for checking in on me, I will post my results (weight and measurements) after my meeting tomorrow morning!

Have a Healthy Day!


  1. You're doing great, Heidi! Even if you did have a week that gained, it's just one week and all your hard work is worth it. My MIL tried on Shape Ups and said they're like walking on clouds. :)

  2. Hey Heidi,

    I know what you mean with the scale becoming too important... Had that on a diet once and it got so bad, that in a clear moment I decided to throw it away :D The diet failed, like all my others, but you're on such a good way,keeping my fingers crossed for your weigh-in today :)