Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keeping Busy

I have got a busy weekend ahead of me! Tonight is my mandatory graduation meeting. They are offering one online meeting and it is tonight from 6-7. If I don’t “attend” this meeting, then I must go to the Richfield campus sometime next week and I definitely don’t want to do that so I will log in to tonight’s meeting and figure out what I need to do in order to graduate in March!

Tomorrow I am taking Bella to get an updated Bordatella shot. She will need it in order to attend doggie daycare in Georgia. She usually only gets it once a year but the place I am taking her to requests it be within 6 months. It doesn’t matter to me because her Banfield care plan covers two shots a year. Then tomorrow night I am going with my mom and some family/friends to dinner at Sarna’s in Columbia Heights. I hate to eat out the night before weigh in but I will just find something on that menu that falls within my points and I should be fine.

Saturday morning is of course weigh-in and then I am heading to St. Cloud to meet my dear friend Jamie for some shopping and lunch. We have been trying to get together for awhile now and I think we’re finally going to make it happen! I am looking forward to it!!

Then I need to use the rest of my weekend to get some homework done! I have been putting it off this week and that means it piles up and has to be done on the weekend. I want to get back on track and get things turned in early so I can get ahead of the game before vacation!

Sometimes I think keeping busy helps keep me on track. I guess if I am out and about and doing things, I don’t think about hunger or cravings. I have become a little obsessed with a game on Facebook called Baking Life. It is similar to Farm Ville but instead of running a farm, you run a bakery. Of course I have wanted to run my own bakery so I had to try it out. Now I am slightly addicted and check on my “ovens” regularly. It is pretty pathetic but like I said, if I’m busy, I don’t think about food.

Speaking of cake, I ordered my mom’s birthday cake from a bakery in Savannah. I found them on the internet and read good reviews. I ordered the Hummingbird cake that has banana and pineapple in it. The lady said it is one of their most popular flavors. They put a cream cheese frosting on it! I’m not gonna lie – I am looking forward to a piece of that! I asked them to decorate it however they want but asked that they incorporate yellow because it’s my mom’s favorite color. My mom will be surprised and very happy I’m sure! I’ve scheduled to pick it up after our carriage ride through historic Savannah on her actual birthday.

I went to the fitness center with my mom last night. We walked on the treadmills for a half hour. She is up to 1.5 MPH. I went down and walked at a 2.5 because my heels are still bothering me a bit. I hope to get over there tonight and do some of the weight machines. I want to get as much activity in as I can because I think I need the extra help this week for weigh-in.

Well, I am off to check my “ovens”! J

Have a Healthy Day!!

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  1. I'm not even going to check out a bakery game.. LOL! Those are sooo addicting! I can't wait for tomorrow. We might have to go to the mall and do some walkin' so we can get in some exercise.. Right!! Maybe..?? Glad to hear you are treating your Mom to such a great birthday. Is anyone else going with in the family? It will be special for her! You are such a thoughtful person to order a cake from afar!!