Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick update...

Didn't make my 5% this week but I know I will hit it next week! I did lose so that is great! I lost 0.2 pounds! I only needed to lose 0.5 so I was really close but hey, it's a loss and I'll take it!! My mom's party was awesome and I was able to see and chat with a lot of family and friends (some I haven't seen in quite a while)! I did great with the food around and after putting everything I ate in my tracker (even the cake that I allowed myself to have), I still have 17 points left to use today! So I guess I did better than okay - I did great! Now I've got to get to work on my schoold papers!

Have a Healthy Day!!

1 comment:

  1. I commend you for being so committed to your plan! GREAT JOB! Even a little success is still a success! I'm so proud of you for staying on track - now to get back to the exercise! I'm talking from experience.. it's taken me this long too to lose from what I have gained, but I'm getting back on track of veggies and fruit - they are good for us! And they are FREE!! Gotta love the land of the FREE!! he he

    Keep it going and remember a little exercise is better than none!