Saturday, March 12, 2011

5% Goal!!

Today I am proud to report that I have reached my initial 5% goal! I have lost a total of 18 pounds since starting Weight Watchers. I am choosing to set small goals along the way in order to make my journey seem a little more attainable. My next goal will be my 10% goal and I am only 15 pounds away from that goal!! My ultimate goal is 150 pounds and it is getting closer every day!

The plan is so easy it seems crazy that I haven't been able to do this sooner. I guess it's true what people say - you can't achieve anything until you want to and believe you can. That is the difference this time. I am not only ready for the change, I also believe with all my heart that I can do it! I will work for however long it takes to reach my goal. After reaching my goal, I will then have to work for the rest of my life to maintain it. It is a life long choice, not a diet.

Yesterday was my nephew Gunnar's 7th birthday. Today is his party and our parties always include lots of food! I will go to the party prepared. I will bring my own baked chips and have only one sloppy joe. I also plan on bringing some fruit with me and Weight Watchers snack in case I am hungry or tempted by all the good food. I will allow myself a small piece of cake and I will enjoy every bite of it! That is the part of Weight Watchers that makes it easy - there is no food that is off limits. In fact in my meetings, the leader encourages each of us to "treat" ourselves every week by having something that we enjoy and use our extra points to have it. When no food is "off limits" you find that you don't want the bad stuff as much.

So my life continues down this path, slow and steady. But you know what they say, "slow and steady wins the race!" My graduation is approaching and I will soon (I hope) be re-entering the working world. It feels like I was given a fresh start. I've been given a chance to wipe my slate clean and my life is whatever I chose to make it. What a refreshing feeling! I look forward to my future, whatever it may bring.

Have a Healthy Day!

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