Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week One of My New Job!

So, I am sad to say that I did not lose any weight last week. It is not a total surprise to me as I made some poor choices at the end of the week and over the weekend. I have been doing better this week but still feel a bit "off". My average is still 3.5 pounds a week and that's nothing to sneeze at! I just wish I could stay strong all the time but I tend to turn to food for comfort and I hate that!

I went for a really long, warm walk on Sunday evening and it felt great! I went without the dog because she is a wimp when it comes to heat! I put my IPod on and just kept walking. I know I walked close to 2 miles and I probably could have kept going except it was so humid that I was literally dripping with sweat!

My first week of work has been going great so far. I am already more comfortable there than I ever was at my previous job. I also haven't cried once at the new job and that is way better than the first week of my former job! The drive is a little longer but I really don't mind it and if the freeqay is really bad, then I just take 101 which is a nice scenic route of sorts!

Well, I just thought I'd do my weekly check in and let you know how it's going.

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